Selling at Sombrero is simpel and secure! 
We are inexpensive and deliver a dedicated service!

We offer you the freedom of choice!

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Sell a domain - it's really easy!


Selling at Sombrero is so simple!

At Sombrero you can sell your domains easier than anywhere else. There are no complicated sales settings, only Buy now (fixed price) or Make offer with a minimum bid. Do not leave your sales success to luck or fate but decide for yourself about sales type and price level!


Selling at Sombrero is inexpensive!

Our prices are considerably lower than market standards. In addition, the escrow service for a secure transfer of domain and purchase sum is included in every successful sale. See our prices here.


More importantly:


Selling at Sombrero is trustworthy!

Our experienced team of domain experts supports you in a personal and swift way! With our dedicated, highly competent and multi-lingual support we take care that all your sales are processed in a frictionless way. We are always there to answer your questions about negotiations, price policy, domain transfer or any other question you may have. 

Handling your domain sales puts us in a position of trust, and we design our service accordingly. With Sombrero, you do not get that run-of-the-mill service with standard reply mails to your inquiries. We really read your question and tailor each reply to fit your needs and to deliver the best service possible.


Selling at Sombrero is secure!

Our included Escrow service offers you the security that is required for domans sales. We secure the purchase sum on our dedicated escrow account at a German bank before you hand over the domain to the buyer. After the successful transfer of the domain to the buyer we pay out the purchase sum to you swiftly.

With our company and bank account being settled in Germany and with our name we stand for a secure domain transaction for both parties.


Selling at Sombrero is fair and free from limitations!

We do not force you to publish name and price of domain sales. Our fees are always the same, regardless of whether you choose to publish the domain name and achieved price to support further sales from your portfolio or whether you prefer discretion.

We believe that publishing domain sales may benefit seller and buyer likewise, but we do not want to patronize you. The decision is all yours!

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