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Who we are

Since our foundation in 2006, Sombrero.de offer inexpensive, reliable and secure services in domain escrow, trade and portfolio management.


We are convinced that big and expensive does not equal a better experience. As opposed to other competitors, with Sombrero you always have direct and customer-focused consultation and support - at most competitive rates.


Sombrero is...



Sombrero's price structure is transparent and more than affordable: no hidden fees, but full control over costs right from the start.

Listing domains for sale and setting up a customer account are, of course, free of charge. But the best thing is: When selling or buying on our platform, the escrow service is already included in the inexpensive fees!



Buying or selling a domain online is always a bit delicate. 'Do I really get the domain or the money?'

When you use our escrow service, the answer is definitley 'Yes!'. Whether you trade domains on a regular basis or just once; no matter if the domain is listed on our platform or not; if you are a registered customer or not: Sombrero secures the funds in each and every case until the domain transfer is finished successfully and guarantees that everything runs by the book - if not, we refund the deposited funds in total!



You want to offer a single domain or a complete portfolio for sale? You are looking for a certain domain or have a list of criteria to be fulfilled by a domain name? 

Just register an account free of charge and list your domains for sale with only a few clicks or search our vast inventory of domain names with a user-friendly yet highly configurable search - there is no easier way to do it!

You want to use our esccrow service without having to register? No problem, with us this is possible.

And if you change your mind, you can always register to experience all the advantages of a customer account with Sombrero!



Domain names are one-of-a-kind, as well as our customers. We do not force our clients in a pre-made pattern but we adapt our services to the needs of our customers.  Do you have only few experience in buying or selling domains or did you face bad experiences with customer support, price policy or portfolio management with large competitors?

Make your decision for Sombrero.de, we take care to provide you with better results! We promise!


...professional and seasoned

The Sombrero.de team combines over 15 years of experience in the domain market. Our CEO Daniel Law is currently one of the most well-known and successful personalities of the industry, being part of the foundation and comet-like success of well-known media companies. 

In a nutshell: With us, you and your domains are in capable hands!