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Every domain is unique. There is always only one with that specific name. That makes it special. It is your real estate in the World Wide Web, and you can use it exclusively to create your ideas and to present your projects.


Finding and buying a good domain name can be tough and time-consuming. But it doesn’t have to be.

Sombrero’s domain trading platform reconciles all the necessary steps “under one hat” (as the German proverb goes): searching, negotiating, buying, and escrow service.



Whether you prefer a focused search for your desired domain name or rather like to browse our listed domains: we have a huge selection of first class domain names available on our site. Start a simple search or benefit from the numerous ways to filter the results in an advanced search. Or shortcut directly to the generic domain endings like .com or .net (gTld), the country specific domains endings like .de or .nl (ccTld), the recently listed or our premium domains at the bottom of this page.


Negotiating gives you the opportunity to contact a seller anonymously to negotiate the price for your desired domain. A simple and clear system of offer and counter offer, together with automatic email notifications, keeps you updated in every negotiation.



Domains can be bought either by negotiation or via the Buy Now option. On our platform you can easily see which way applies to the domain you are interested in.


Escrow Service

Whether via Buy Now option or via negotiation, every transaction of a domain purchased on our trade platform will be carried out automatically by our escrow service in order to guarantee a secure and safe transfer of domain and purchase price.


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