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Domain Portfolio Management

The Domain Portfolio Management of Sombrero is the core of our business.


Years of experience in the domain market have have honed our competence in domain trade and administrative domain management.


The technical expertise that we gained during many years as a reseller for most Top Level Domains of the world and accredited registrar for .NL domains is the foundation for a truly tailored service for our customers.


What is Domain Portfolio Management, really?


Shortly: Full Service for Domain Portfolio owners and investors.


Our service comprises the following areas:


Registration and maintenance services for domains


We offer the registration and maintenance of virtually any TLD in the world along with perfectly tailored service for every customer.


We know the pitfalls and specific needs of the domain management for those many TLDs.


Since 2006 we manage tens of thousands of domains in dozens of TLDs for our customers. This vast experience with large amounts of domains is put to use for our clients, along with really competitive prices in domain registration, to offer an exquisite service of domain management.


Many portfolio owners are courted by registrars with extremely low prices for domain registrations and move their portfolio or parts of it from one competitor to the next. The costs they seemingly save by doing this, will later bounce back, causing problems in portfolio management, impersonal support with anonymous helpdesks and, in the worst case, domain loss caused by insufficient information or communication with the registrar.


With Sombrero, the portfolio owner has a one-stop-shop and needs only one point of contact for his Portfolio Management.



Domain Parking Support Services


Sombrero is not a domain parking provider.

Nevertheless, we offer our clients a competent consultation and technical administration of domain parkiing by means of extensive personal experience of our team plus a fruitious cooperation with our market-leading partners. We help you finding the right parking service for your portfolio. We facilitate the management of your customer account of the respective parking provider and pay attention to the correct delegation of your domains.


If you wish, we analyze the performance of the varying parking providers for your specific portfolio and take care of the correct settings.


In combination with our Brokerage Service the result is an efficient, seamless and reliable system for domain monetization.


Domain Brokerage


Domain Brokerage Services are a responsible keystone feature of our service portfolio.


Our sales team members, who are seasoned by years of experience in the domain aftermarket, will manage the sales inquiries for your domains most professionally and achieve the best prices possible - always close to market developments and by using various sales channels.


Our own domain trade platform completes this service with a valuable component, since we can offer to clients and interested buyers both, a flexible, easy to handle and secure platform - and all of that at most competitive prices!



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